Thursday, June 26, 2014

Raw Food Central Review

Disclaimer: I received these items in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to post a positive review. These are my honest opinions. Your experiences may differ

Raw Food Central sent me some of their snack foods to review - Snack Mix, Onion Rings, Kale Chips, and Flax Crackers. Their snacks are organic, vegan, kosher, gluten free, and GMO free! And believe it or not, healthy snacks CAN taste good! Raw Food Central did not disappoint.

My favorite part about the Snack Mix was the peas - they had great flavor. So did the kale -seasoned to perfection! They are low calorie/low carb AND each serving has 33% of your Vitamin A. Here is one midnight snack you won't have to feel guilty over.

The Onion Rings - "never fried, never baked." Sadly, I was not a fan. Not surprising, as I have never been a fan of onions or onion rings. My brother loved them though! Here is a great treat for anyone who loves the taste of sweet onion - a great alternative to croutons on a healthy salad.

Now the Kale Chips - those were my mom's favorite! She loved how they are low carb AND have a great flavor. Actually, she enjoyed all these snacks - it is hard when you are on a low carb diet to find a variety of tasty low carb treats - so Raw Food Central is great for her. PLUS the Kale Chips are a great source of protein, calcium, and Vitamin A!

I thought that I would like the Flax Crackers the least - but I was so wrong! They are seasoned with Italian Seasonings and Celtic Sea Salt - so they pack a flavorful punch! And boy do I love the taste of garlic...I think I even prefer these to potato chips. They are a great source of protein, Vitamin C, and Iron. Perfect for dipping in guacamole, hummus, salsa, or my favorite - spinach dip! And so crunchy!

Check out their website to see what other products they offer and if they have a store near you. Soon you will be able to purchase these snacks straight from their website - my family is addicted, so we will certainly be purchasing when this feature is available.

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