Thursday, June 26, 2014

Woodland Creatures

Looking through my stock today, I realized I needed to have a "woodland creatures" photo shoot with these three little guys! And so I did.

All three are needle felted miniatures, finished with glass eyes and plastic noses. I made the little fox for a trade, so he is already spoken for. BUT the little rabbit and brown bear are still up for grabs! All proceeds from both of them go to animal rescues. What do you think of them?

View the bear on Etsy HERE
View the rabbit on Etsy HERE


  1. Haha this is too cute! I absolutely love the little brown bear. :)

  2. Oh these are beautiful shots, my favorite one is the first shot you took!

  3. These are so stinkin cute, I need the fox! :)

  4. How cute! My three kids would love them! But I think my 8 yr old daughter would like the fox the best so she could sing "What Does the Fox Say" while prancing through the house with it. LOL

  5. Aw how very cute. I bet it was a fun photo shoot. :)