Monday, July 14, 2014


"These are the times that make me want to go out and accomplish big things...tomorrow." and "Happiness is a thoughtful friend!"
Recently, I did a giveaway for one of my shadow box magnets. I make Peanuts, Vintage Coca-Cola, and Pokemon inspired ones. This led to a custom order :)

I love custom requests! This lady asked for two Snoopy inspired magnets, and here they are. Unfortunately I had trouble getting a better pic of them - they just weren't working with my light box. But I expect eventually I will figure out a better way.

Who is your favorite Peanuts character? Mine is Schroeder :)

*Interested in one but can't find them in my shop? Don't worry - I just haven't gotten around to listing them yet, but you can still have one! They are $10 including shipping & an additional $8 each if you order more than one.*


  1. Aww those are so cute. I remember those snoopy days.

  2. Oh my! I love these! Snoopy is the dog & you did an awesome job.

  3. These turned out great and I always loved Snoopy.. though I felt bad for Charlie Brown, poor kid always had the worst luck. Hehe.

  4. These are pretty fun. I don't know that I had a specific character that was my favorite.

  5. aww those are so cute I LOVE Snoopy! :) We always watch them around the holidays.